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hitotsu no ai mp3s
Welcome to hitotsu no ai! [ひとつの愛] ("one love" in Japanese) Name derived from GLAY's 2001-2002 tour of the same name, journal inspired by the opening of that concert. I'll upload the clip I ripped of that eventually...

Anyways, those who know me personally know that I love music from around the world. Japan, especially. Here you will find music mainly from Japan, Korea, and Russia, as well as whatever else I have/can find from other countries.

Friends only because all of the files are hosted on my server and I'd like to know who's taking them/eating my bandwidth. ♥ Also helps deter direct linking.

Anyone is welcome to friend this music LJ, so go ahead! Contrary to popular belief, I don't bite. ^_~

This is all I ask:
1. Friend this journal then comment to be added. Must do both for me to add you.
2. Comment whenever you download something, though it would be nice to hear from you even if you don't download, as well.
3. DOWNLOAD ONE FILE AT A TIME. This helps conserve my bandwidth.
4. DO NOT DIRECT LINK. EVER. If I find out that you are, no more music for you from me. I'm very adamant about this. If you don't know what direct linking is, just ask.
5. The mp3s and videos I rip are encoded with "hitotsu_no_ai @ livejournal". DO NOT REMOVE THIS ORIGIN INFO. I don't mind if you share the files I rip in other communities, in your journal, wherever. Just DO NOT REMOVE THE ORIGIN INFO and/or do not claim them as your own rips. If I find out that you are (and believe me, I eventually will), you will be banned from this MLJ. Period. You do not have to give credit for the files I've ripped when you share them - the origin info is there for that purpose.
6. These files are for sampling purposes only, delete after 24 hours, blah, blah, blah.
7. SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! My favorite sites: Amazon Japan, CDJapan, YesAsia, Russian Beat, RussianDVD, Overstock.com, and Amazon.com.

Please follow these rules. Especially the ones concerning my bandwidth and "hitotsu_no_ai @ livejournal". Remember: I'm paying out of my pocket to share music with you and it is just common courtesy to leave the origin information of the files alone.

--エイリスリーラ (aerislyra)






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